A23 Wells Fargo Shareholder Protests in Salt Lake City, San Francisco

wells_fargo_billboardLast year thousands of us marched on Wells Fargo and protested their abusive, discriminatory, often illegal lending practices. This year, Wells Fargo has decided to “run for the hills”, moving their annual meeting to Salt Lake City, in an effort to hide from their customers and community. But we’re not going to let them. Homeowners are traveling to Salt Lake City and demonstrating here in California to let CEO John Stumpf know that he will be held accountable. Wells Fargo had its most profitable year ever in 2012, while they’ve sent the rest of us deeper and deeper into debt. Enough is enough!

Homeowners and students are coming together to call for a DEBT JUBILEE – it’s time for the big banks to renegotiate the unfair debt that is crippling our current recovery and our future stability.

Not everyone can road trip to the Shareholder’s meeting in Salt Lake City this Tuesday, but everyone can help in at least one of three ways:

1. WEAR BLACK to the Solidarity Action and Memorial Service for Home Security at Wells Fargo Headquarters in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 23 at 11am: Click here to sign up for the event on facebook or here to RSVP directly.

2. Sponsor a Home Defenders trip to Salt Lake City: We have dozens of Home Defenders ready to chase Wells Fargo all the way to Salt Lake City, but we need $2300 more to pay for their travel and lodging. Click here to help sponsor a Home Defender’s trip.

3. Come with us to Salt Lake City: Sign up here to get more info.

Over the last month alone, we have released a study showing the impact of Wells Fargo’s foreclosure pipeline, confronted John Stumpf at a bankers conference and staged direct actions around the state. Wells Fargo is running away, but with your help they won’t get away with what they have done to our communities.

Click here to sponsor a Home Defender’s trip to Salt Lake City.

accebanner-emailThanks for all you do.

In Solidarity,

Vivian Richardson, ACCE